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Updated Dec 27, 2001

Books by Gary

About Gary Lovisi: I've been writing fictio
n for as long as I can remember. It began with imitating my heroes: authors such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, Fred Brown, Henry Kuttner, Phil Dick, E.E. 'Doc' Smith, John W. Campbell, Jack Vance, Robert Heinlein, Poul Anderson, John Brunner, Issac Asimov, and Eric Frank Russell; Crime fiction by Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and of course Carroll John Daly, Mickey Spillane and William Campbell Gault. Horror and fantasy by Richard Matheson, H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R., Tolkien, and Clark Ashton Smith. I also have to include the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as the Hornblower books by C.S. Forester. All the writers I love to read! The true greats! I'm sure I've left many out. Then there are more recent giants: Andrew Vachss, of course, James Ellroy, James Crumley, Gerald Petievich, too many to mention. Then, being a reader, cherishing the work, and the books that work appears in, just naturally lead to collecting. I collect books of all kinds, pulps, and especially vintage paperbacks, which lead to my publishing Paperback Parade. This eventually lead to a lot of non-fiction writing: essays, articles, interviews, bibliographic work, and even entire books on subjects or authors that I collected. And my annual NYC Pulp Fiction and Paperback Expo, now in its 12th year! But fiction is my first love. When a story connects, when it all comes together, that's the best feeling there is. But when people tell you they enjoy what you have written, then it gets even better. I've been writing (as well as editing and publishing books and magazines) for almost two decades now, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

My enthusiasm today is even more furious, the work is more exciting than it was decades ago when I wrote my first short story. It runs even hotter now than years ago when I edited or published those early issues of Paperback Parade or Hardboiled, and it burns brighter today with the books I publish now. It's amazing fun, hard work, time consuming, but the enthusiasm keeps me going. The excitement and fun can't be beat. I hope that enthusiasm comes through in all the material I publish under the various Gryphon Books imprints, and all the material I write in whatever venue.

 Thanks for your interest and support. Have fun. Enjoy.